Since coming to KLRF, I have been so inspired by the commitment of those who are serving our community by their financial support of this radio station, not to mention all the faithful volunteers  who are putting in hours to keep this station on the air. Your faithful support every month is what has made expansion of this ministry possible. Your continued faithfulness will  turn your dreams into reality.

In God's kingdom it's always a time of new beginnings. One of the new beginnings that we are enjoying right now is this new website where people can go to get news about the station and its projects. We have developed the opportunity on that site, to make donations on line and many are doing so as we speak. We also hope to create here the ability to even listen to some podcast of our most popular programming.

On the website we would also like to have a place where people can give us feedback.

In additions to this we are presently working on the ability to have a streaming option so that people who like to listen to radio on the web will have a place to listen to us wherever they are in the world.