Hi Friends,

My name is Owen Bandy.  Some of you know me but many of you may not.  In 2015 I was asked to serve as Station Manager for our radio family at KLRF, 88.5. You may be asking, "Why you?"  Well, my interest in this station goes back to its very birth.  

My first connection with the station was when I was asked by Paul Moore of Life Talk Radio if I would be willing to be the pastoral representation for a small group of people who wanted to start a radio station.  I remember the day about half a dozen of us joined together in a home in College Place.  It was there that Paul Moore explained to us that there was another interested party in the area who was willing to give Life Talk Radio $300,000 for the station license but if we were willing he would let us use the license and we could be part of their network.

After prayer and consideration and recognizing that our Heavenly Father's hand was in this, we all decided we would go forward.  So I guess you could say that since I was in the labor and delivery room on the day this station took its first breath, I have had a place in my heart to see it come to full age ever since.  I want you to know that I count it a real privilege to be at your service and serve the community at this post.

Please continue to hold KLRF Radio and our staff in your prayers as we move forward spreading the good news of the coming kingdom to the Walla Walla Valley and beyond!