Equipment Purchased

The most recent news regarding the replacement of our antenna is that we have the equipment in town. That's the GOOD news. The BAD news is that the weather has stopped us from doing the project for now. Spring is coming.  We still need help with raising funds to pay for the project. Anyone wanting to help with that would be much appreciated. Contact us if you would like to do so.

Antenna Progress

I want to let everyone know that the New Antenna Equipment is in town. The bad news is that the weather has stopped progress on the project until we can get our workers on the tower safely. We are still in need of donations to pay for the project so if there is anyone who would like to step up and make a donation I'm sure all the listeners would appreciate it. Just contact us at

New Antenna

At our September board meeting it was decided to move forward with the project of replacing our four bay antenna and coax cable. Because of the age of the antenna it is becoming susceptible to the freezing weather. When the signal is sent out  the antenna can't handle it and sends it back down to the transmitter. The transmitter doesn't like this so it shuts off.  New equipment will be able to handle the problem. This project will cost us about $22,000. If you would like to help please click on the donate button on our home page.